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Hair Oil
Hair oils are a cosmetic item used to hydrate and fortify hair. These are composed of a variety of organic and artificial components, including vitamins, minerals, and plant oils that are intended to penetrate the hair shaft and nourish the hair.
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The secret to beautiful skin, glossy hair and good health is quality formulations. It is quality formulations that takes the best care of health, hair and skin. In the market today, thousand varieties of formulations in the form of skin care, hair care and health care products are sold, but not every formulation works effectively. In the list of those companies, which promise and serve effective formulations for skin, health and hair care, comes the name of our company, Now It's Become an Enauinq India Pvt Ltd. Using the first name of our company, we have given all our herbal products a brand name, i.e., ENAUNIQ.
Packaging Perfection
Perfection in everything is an important aspect at our Surat, Gujarat (India), based company, and one of the major aspects is packaging. Getting perfection in packaging comes not only with experience, but with right talent, approach and machines. Having a deep understanding of the same, we have invested our money on employing talented packaging experts and on fast packaging machines.
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