Hair Shampoo

Hair shampoos are used to wash hair & scalp for removing impurities, grime & oil. These aid in moisturising and detangling the hair. Hair shampoos include components including scents, preservatives, and colourants. They come in different varieties such as aloe vera, shikakai, milky white, black, pearly blue, etc.

Talc Powder

Talc powders are widely employed in many different businesses, including those that produce cosmetics, drugs, and personal care items. These are a a hydrated magnesium silicate mineral used to create talc powder, a soft white mineral powder.

Hair Oil

Hair oils are composed of a variety of organic and artificial components, including vitamins, minerals, and plant oils that are intended to penetrate the hair shaft and nourish the hair. These are normally rubbed into the scalp and hair after being applied to damp or dry hair.


Neem soap is a popular option for persons with skin disorders like acne, eczema, or psoriasis because of its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral qualities. Additionally, dandruff and scalp irritations can be successfully treated with it.



Balms can be used to treat a number of problems including dry or cracked skin, small wounds and burns, bug bites, and muscle stiffness. These are an ointment or salve used for medicinal or cosmetic purposes that is calming, therapeutic, or protective.


Vapourizing Rub

Vaporizing rub is commonly applied to the chest or throat. It is a topical ointment that is applied to the skin to treat cough and congestion. Vaporizing rub functions by producing a cooling feeling on the skin and a potent, menthol-infused smell.

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