Our effective formulations such as Herbal Hair Oil, Body Talc Powder, Prickly Heat Powder, Herbal Shampoo, Herbal Soap and more are for both men and women. Major ingredients like neem, aloe vera, coconut, almond, milk, tulsi and many others are procured from authentic ends to produce highly effectively line of herbal solutions for hair and skin care.

Playing Job Roles Well & How?

One question baffling the minds of our competitors and customers is how are we playing our job roles well? The answer to which we give by making available the best product line of herbal solutions for hair and skin. We well-perform our manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler job roles by keeping eyes over market trends and consumer needs. Having a team of experts to perform research and development operations, we ensure possibility of changes in the industry and then act upon it. Also, we study the rising need of products in the market to better serve the same and ensure customers happiness.

Packaging Perfection

Perfection in everything is an important aspect at our Surat, Gujarat (India), based company, and one of the major aspects is packaging. Getting perfection in packaging comes not only with experience, but with right talent, approach and machines. Having a deep understanding of the same, we have invested our money on employing talented packaging experts and on fast packaging machines. For different type of products, different kind of packaging materials are used. Examples related to the same are given below:
  • Packaging of Chameli Hair Oil is done using plastic bottles having easy to open cap. We serve this oil in quantities of 50 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml.
  • Packaging of Herbal Soap is done using plastic and paper based packaging box. This soap is available in 40gm and 75 gm.
  • Packaging of Natural Coconut Hair Oil is done as per quantity. For packaging this oil in 100ml, 175 ml and 500 ml, we use plastic bottles and for packaging of 1000ml oil, we use plastic can.

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